In the case of a facility, readily usable by a particular individual; in the case of a program or activity, presented or provided in such a way that a particular individual can participate, with or without auxiliary aid(s); in the case of electronic resources, accessible with or without assistive computer technology.

Advisory Group

Who have been telling the government what they want in the strategy. The group will change and develop into the new national forum.


Speaking up or speaking out for yourself


A person who speaking up to someone else

Augumentative & Alternative Communication

All communication, which is in addition to speech or helps people who don’t use words to communicate. E.g Sign, symbols, electronic aids

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Braille Notebook

A portable computer that the person used to type words in. It then prints out in Braille or words.

Blue badge

The Blue Badge Scheme is an important service for people with severe mobility problems that enables badge holders to park close to where they need to go. The scheme operates throughout the UK.



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Care manager

Someone who works for social services. Often a social worker.

Care Plan 

The plan that gives details about your service.

Challenging Behaviour

Where a person has a lot of support needs

Citizen Advocacy

A group that helps find and support advocates. Group for people


Saying Yes or giving permission.


A person who links with other people or services.Culture A way of doing things

Carer’s allowance

A benefit if you are caring for someone.  There are qualifying criteria and  it is a means tested benefit.

Communication device

Hardware that allows a person who has difficulty using their voice clearly to use words or symbols for communication. May range in complexity from a simple picture board to complex electronic devices that allow personalized, unique construction of ideas.



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Department of health

The Department of Health (DH) helps people to live better for longer. They lead, shape and fund health and care in England, making sure people have the support, care and treatment they need, with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve.

Direct Payments

Money provided by the Local Authority to help arrange your own service.

Disability Discrimination Act

A law to stop discrimination in work, shops, housing and services. It also applies to (DDA) information and public transport.


Being treated unfairly. Disincentive not putting people off.


Physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; a record of such an impairment; or being regarded as having such an impairment (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990). Discrimination: Act of making a difference in treatment or favor on a basis other than individual merit


Disability living allowance.  A benefit  paid to a child under the age of 16.   Please see P.I.P for over 16’s



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The thing that the regulations say you must get, such as holidays and social security benefits.

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Family Carers

Your family.

Family Trust Fund

A fund giving grants to some families to help make things easier for them.

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Doctor, someone who provides treatment when unwell.

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Housing Authorities

The council or a housing association

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Incapacity Benefits

A benefit if you cannot work.

Independent Advocates

Advocates that are separate from services advocacy and have no other links, they just speak up for you.

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The person in services who is responsible for your services.

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LA- Local Authority  (Local Council)

local authorities are responsible for providing a range of public services. This includes: education, social care, roads and transport, economic development, housing and planning, environmental protection, waste management, cultural and leisure services.

Learning Difficulty

The term many people like to use instead of disability. It is also used by education to mean any kind of disability.

Learning Disability

A condition giving rise to learning difficulties, especially when not associated with physical disability

Life Skill

A skill that is necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life.


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Like everybody else.


Ethnic groups of people with their own language or communities culture.

Mainstreaming, inclusion

The inclusion of people with disabilities, with or without special accommodations, in programs, activities, and facilities with their non-disabled peers.

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Person Centred Planning

A way of planning with just one person.


People who are qualified and paid to work in one area.


Personal independence payment (DLA) Awarded to anyone over the age of 16 and replacing the old system of disability living allowance.


Personal assistant is a job title describing a person who assists a specific person with their daily activities.

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Service Users

The group of people with learning difficulties.


Support provided for you in a number of different ways.


A government plan of how things should be. If very important it can also be a White Paper.

Supported Employment

Support for you to find or keep work.

Sensory integration

Sensory integration is the neurological process that organizes sensation from one’s own body and the environment and makes it possible to use the body effectively within the environment,   Our 7 senses are sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch,  and our inner senses vestibular and proprioception.

Sensory impairment

A disability that affects any of our seven senses.

Social worker

Social workers work with individuals and families to help improve outcomes in their lives. This may be helping to protect vulnerable people from harm or abuse or supporting people to live independently. Social workers support people, act as advocates and direct people to the services they may require. Social workers often work in multi-disciplinary teams alongside health and education professionals.

Special Education

Specialized instruction tailor-made to fit the unique learning strengths and needs of students with disabilities. A major goal of special education is to teach the skills and knowledge a child needs to be as independent as possible

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Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

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