Hard to Reach Communities

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Project lead: Ghazala Sadiq

This project engages and consults directly with the parents/carers of children and young people with SEND who live in communities experiencing inequality of access, lack of understanding or mistrust of statutory systems, which has led to those children’s and young people’s needs not being fully understood or met.

In Rochdale 25% of children are from ethnic minority backgrounds. The needs of children with SEND, from CERI communities are identified later than average. Such communities are also less likely to access support offers. In addition, families in this group are under represented in both local support groups and groups engaged in working with professionals to develop services.

The voice of such groups thus needs to be raised and considered in realization of the SEND mandate and associated improvement plans. Linking closely with Health watch and Action Together, we aim to develop support networks across the SEND community to ensure there is strong voice coming from all those groups who are less visible/ vocal, including those from LGBTQ backgrounds, those with young children, low income families and underrepresented community groups.