Professionals PCV Membership Form

Professionals working in the Rochdale Borough are encouraged to become members of the Parent Carers Voice. We’ll occasionally send through useful information and let you know about any of our events, training sessions or groups. Professional members receive information and access to training but they are not permitted to drop into our regular meetings. Professionals wishing to engage with parents for a specific reason are requested to submit a short application form.

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I confirm I am a professional working in the Rochdale borough with children/young people aged 0-25 years with a disability.

I have read and understood the Parent Carers Voice Data Privacy Notice. By proceeding I consent to my personal data being collected and used as stated in the Data Privacy Notice.

The following diversity monitoring form is used to show we engage with a wide range of families. You do not have to complete the form if you do not wish to. The diversity monitoring form will be separated from your membership form and the information on the monitoring form will be pooled to provide information such as the percentage of members who are foster carers, the percentage of members who are single parents.

Diversity Monitoring Form