Umbrella Sessions

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The Umbrella support and information sessions are delivered by parent/carer facilitators with lived experience and will support families of children and young people with neurodiversity in several ways, detailed below. The offer is available to any family whose child is neurodiverse and does not require the child or young person to have a diagnosis. It will enable families to build resilience and gain skills and strategies to support their child or young person at home and in the community. 

The families will be supported by the delivery of a neurodiversity course where they will be provided with information about ADHD, ASC and other neurodiverse conditions. They will learn about a range of evidenced based strategies which they can then try with their children. There will also be the opportunity for one to one support for families with more complex difficulties. We will be working in a person-centred way with families to build understanding of their child’s diagnosis, This will enable them to understand their child or young person better and see things from their perspective which will lead to more positive relationships within their friends and family circle.

The course will consist of several sessions delivered at different times to enable families to choose the most accessible time for their own circumstances and will be co delivered in parts with support of CAMHS and associated specialist Neurodiversity practitioners. This will be followed up by ongoing support at a monthly get together which will be facilitated by one of the sessional leads, allowing parents to form natural support groups which can continue after the sessions have finished. The aim is for families in similar situations to have an opportunity to discuss issues together in a safe, non-judgemental environment, to benefit from peer support and learn from each other.  

The courses will be offered at different times (morning, afternoon and evening) and planned for the year to support ease of access for parents. They are two hour sessions at either 9.30-11.30, 12-2 or 6.30-8.30.  Booking will be via phone, email or Eventbrite.  Face to face courses will be limited to a maximum of 20 parents.  

Sessions will include: 
– Information about Neurodiversity, how it affects child development and how to begin to see the child or young person as an individual, therefore supporting them with their diagnosis. This will also include challenges with peers and family  
– ADHD, Medication and alternative interventions, ways to get positive outcomes without specialist support with clinical input. 
– Sensory challenges and strategies 
– Sleep and well being 
– Neurodiversity in school 

Although it is most beneficial to attend all 5 sessions, each one is a standalone session so families can choose to just attend the ones of most importance to them.

We will be offering PBS (positive behaviour support), Riding the Rapids and other strategies to enable families to support their neurodivergent children and young people to live the best life they can in their homes, school and local community. 

This offer is fully funded so there is no cost to participants.